Announcement for TAB Congregation

Announcement for TAB congregation July 30/2017

Over the past several months we’ve been seeking the Lord’s direction while searching for a new lead pastor at the TAB, having recently re-advertised with an August 15th closing date for new applicants.

Recently there has been a new development that has led us to suspend our search while we explore the possibility for a merger with another church group that has a lot in common with the TAB. That group is King of Kings Church and we’ve met with their leaders to see if they are interested in the potential for a merger. They are in fact very interested and so the next step is for both congregations to prayerfully consider the idea.

For those who aren’t familiar with King of Kings, they are located on the corner of 18th Street and 6th Avenue south and are pastored by Bob and Patti Butler. They have a great website describing their roots, beliefs and every aspect of their ministry. Over the years there has been an informal connection to the TAB that goes right back to their inception. Bill and Barb encouraged Bob and Patti to start King of Kings and up until recently Bob’s credentials as a minister were through the TAB. King of Kings Church is the other Lethbridge church that could be considered most like the TAB, and so it seemed appropriate that we at least consider the idea of joining forces going forward.

It’s clear from our initial discussions with their leadership, that joining forces with King of Kings could be very beneficial as we both endeavor to reach out to a lost and hurting world. They have a much younger age demographic and a lot of depth in worship ministry and mission outreach.

Any merger decisions from the TAB’s perspective would be made by our adherents and your leaders are committed to a process where everyone’s voice is heard. To that end, Ted and I will make ourselves available to meet with you one on one if necessary over the next few weeks. We’ll also be organizing Sunday evening meetings for prayer and discussion – beginning with a meeting at 7 PM tonight (July 30) here at the TAB for those available. Our next prayer/discussion is tentatively set for 7 PM on August 20th and we hope by that time to be in a better position to say whether we want to proceed down this path.

To help us get to know King of Kings we’ve arranged a joint service on Sunday, August 13 at their church located on the corner of 18th Street and 6th Avenue South (service begins at 10:00 AM). This will be a great chance to see how they operate and hear Bob Butler preach.

As mentioned, Ted and I are available to meet one on one and will be strongly encouraging input as we consider going down this path.

Ted Likuski phone/text at 403-894-2739 or email at

Rob Dunn phone/text at 403-382-8154 or email at


10:00 AM, August 13: Worship Service at King of Kings (joint service with the TAB)
King of Kings Church, corner of 18th Street, 6th Ave. South
7:00 PM, August 20: Prayer and Discussion on potential merger (at the TAB)